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Who we are

Onlinevisas is an online service provider company that assists with short term holiday and business visitor visa applications to Australia and the UK. We adhere to a strict customer service satisfaction policy and as such, we endeavour to meet all the requirements in order to ensure the satisfaction of all of our users.


What we offer

Our services include assistance with, guidance through, and advising on the various Australian and UK visa applications and the related processes.
We at Onlinevisas have an immense knowledge base on the requirements of each visa as well as extensive experience in the processing of the applications. We at Onlinevisas have minimized the process with our user friendly application system. The Onlinevisas application form and process for individual users are completed in a few easy steps.
We hold and build honest relationships with individuals, companies and travel agents across South Africa and Namibia.

Onlinevisas assist with your visa application process
Onlinevisas future plans

Our Future

We are also in the process of researching the visa applications for various other countries with the intention of including these to our available services in the near future. As a registered user, you will be notified via email once we have implemented a new country to our service list.

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